Typographical Verse Cards

I am loving making these cards!! Today I had one of those crafty days.. my office looks like a bomb has hit it, sewing machine set up next to my computer.. cottons and what not everywhere.. but it was totally worth it.

Below are some snaps of this afternoons creations 🙂_MG_9450

Numbers 6.24 is one of my favourite verses, I always seem to write it in cards.. maybe I picked it up from my great granny because it’s something that she always used to do too 🙂 The background photos are scenery and flowers that I took over in bali. The funny thing is I lugged my big dslr camera and lenses over there and the majority of photos I ended up taking on my mobile hehe. If only camera gear wasn’t sooo heavy… it would be fun to go on a dedicated ‘photography holiday’ because trying to do touristy things and carry a camera around just doesn’t work. Oh well, I still like the photos I ended up with. All the tropical plants are so beautiful!_MG_9459