I've been working on something a little different lately.. Spandex! ♥

Sewing MachinesEarlier this year I started going to yoga, mainly because the physio told me I really needed to exercise and I'm extremely inflexible. I must say stretching is soooo good. The amount of headaches I get have reduced drastically and I feel nowhere near as sore and tight as I used to! After shopping for more 'sporty' kind of clothes I decided to design my own fabric for some yoga pants - so I could have some exactly the way I want them. Floral and bright colours of course! 😉

Below is the original design that I created as a seamless repeat ready for print and also a mockup of the leggings in photoshop.

Floral Paint Fabric DesignOnce I had the printed fabric in my hot little hands I traced a sewing pattern from a pair of leggings I had. After sewing a trial pair for myself I tweaked the pattern a little and made another pair for my sister. She is nearly the same size as me so it made it pretty easy. I am hoping she will agree to a photoshoot so I can get some nice photos to show you all 😉

As we all know with leggings, we do everything to avoid the dreaded uh hmmm, camel toe.. so I decided to sew in a diamond crotch which was a little bit challenging! I ended up basting on the sewing machine first so I didn't wreck it on the overlocker. It actually turned out okay but definitely something I would like to practice some more!

For a neat finish I hemmed them with my new toy - the Janome CoverPro.. I have only used it a few times but I am already in love with it! Makes hemming stretch fabric look so much more professional.

And here is the finished product.. ♥

Floral Spandex Yoga Pants

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