Retro 60s Patterns

I LOVE that some of the old styles are coming back into fashion! I was so excited when I saw the new pattern books in Spotlight for autumn/winter and they included some very cute 1960’s dresses <3

So if you haven’t seen them already I have taken some sneaky photos. Sorry for the not so great quality, I took them on my iphone, but you get the idea 😉

pattern 1609

pattern 3833

There is also a really cute Vintage 1940’s top in the simplicity book which I would love to try at some stage. I really like high necklines and the lovely gathers.

pattern 1692

If anyone has tried these patterns I would love to hear what you thought of them! I’ve only made a simplicity pattern once before and I found the sizing to be a little strange, like they are made for barbie dolls with really small waists… and I thought I was skinny!