PomPom Flower Print Dress

pompomflowersThis is a design inspired by the ‘pompom’ flowers and also the lantern bush we had growing in the garden when I was younger. I had my PomPom flower design printed onto some knit fabric, and it has just been sitting there for the last week or so begging me to sew it into a pretty dress!  I based this dress from an old shift dress that my mum had handed down to me (which I LOVE) with a few slight variations –  some cuffs around the arms, neck and a matching belt. They are so simple, yet comfortable and easy to wear, especially with stretch fabric. Just like an oversized t-shirt.  After tracing the basic dress shape onto some baking paper for a quick pattern and adding seam allowance I had JUST enough fabric to make this 🙂

pompom flower dress-3

pompom flower dress-2