Handmade Sewn Cards

Handmade Sewn Cards

lots of fun with paper and a sewing machine

I love sewing on paper, it is always so agreeable, unlike some materials that bunch up and can be rather difficult! If you’re feeling like a fun project to try give it a go 🙂 Oh and be careful to open out the card before you sew.. I was doing this late last night and in my half asleep state, after sewing the first few cards, I forgot all about opening the card out and sewed the whole thing together ahaha.. after that I decided it was time for bed!

Tips for sewing cards:

  • Glue paper down first so it doesn’t slip all over the place while you’re sewing
  • Use a fine needle so the puncture holes aren’t too big
  • Keep a long stitch so it doesn’t rip the paper
  • Tie a not with the two end pieces of cotton to stop the sewing coming undone

Happy creating fellow craftsters! <3