FREE 2016 A4 Printable Calendar

I have decided to do a FREE version of the 2016 Calendar for you all to enjoy! This calendar is setup as a pdf for printing on A4 pages – one page for each month of the year. Ideal for printing out and having on the fridge for all those important events, or popping in a binder to make your own customisable planner.

2016 Printable Calendar

Download your FREE 2016 Calendar Here

I also have an a5 planner set available to purchase for just $5.99 – this includes a whole set of planner printouts to keep your life organised. Perfect to print out for your Disc binder system! If you would like to read more about what is included you can check it out here.

A5 Planner Perpetual & 2016

2016 A5 Planners are now available! I’ve had quite a few people asking me for an updated calendar so I’ve put together this version for the new year which also includes a perpetual calendar. That way you can write your own dates for each month and use it for many more years to come. There is a daily planner to keep you organised, year at a glance, weekly view and much more. For a more detailed description check out the link below 🙂

A5 Planner 2016

Available to purchase for instant download

Printable Planner 2016 shopping-listl Perpetual-and-dated Daily-Weekly-Yearly

Free Printable 2015 Calendar for A5 Planner

I can’t believe 2014 is nearly over, and December just zooms by, so I thought I would get myself organised and make a 2015 calendar for my discbound planner. And as an early Christmas present to all my lovely readers, here is the link to download a copy of your own to print out and put in your favourite A5 organizer.

Printable Calendar 2015 – A Little Bit of Prettiness

The pages are set to be printed as an A4 page and cut down the middle on the (very) faint line, just make sure the printer page size is set to 100% so they are centered on the page correctly.

Free Printable 2015  Calendar

Free Printable 2015 CalendarI have added some of my favourite bible verses on each month, it was hard to only pick 12 but I managed to narrow it down! There is also a daily schedule with a to-do list to keep you organised, along with little check boxes for all the to-do list junkies so you can tick them off once done – we all know how good that feels! 😉


Free Printable 2015 Calendar

Enjoy the Christmas festivities, stay safe and be ready for the new year! xoxo

** If you enjoy using this planner, I have now made an expanded version (available for a bargain price!) including a beautiful cover, editable tabs, weekly planner and more! Check it out HERE

Arc Disc Binder – Customisable Planner

I’m always on the search for the perfect planner, I’ve tried the phone apps and keeping a diary electronically but it’s just not the same as actually being able to write it down and tick of your to-do list on paper!

After researching planners on the internet I came across the disc binding system, which seems to be really big over in America, but here in Australia there isn’t really much around especially where I live! The Disc Binder system is the perfect way to keep organised and is so customisable you can have your planner looking exactly the way you want!

Firstly I came across ATOMA (which is great I might add), it was the only disc binder system I could find available in Western Australia at the time, but not exactly what I was looking for.. THEN, Staples started shipping to WA! I was sooo excited and quickly ordered the Arc Leather Notebook A5, in PINK of course 😉  and a punch to go along with it. The Arc is now my daily go to planner. I still use the ATOMA binder to keep notes in for my work at the Church and it keeps all my info organised, the ARC punch will also work for the ATOMA – bonus!! Below are a few comparison photos of the ARC planner and ATOMA.

Disc Binder - Arc Planner and Atoma

Disc Binder - Arc Planner

Disc Binder - Arc Planner and Atoma

The ATOMA punch is really expensive at $220, that is mainly the reason I didn’t continue down the ATOMA path when the Arc punch is available for a fraction of the price at about $45. Below is a photo of the Arc punch available from Staples, it works great and I can punch quite a few pages at a time. The punch is a great investment, it allows you to punch your own calendar pages etc and insert them into the binder. I love being able to customise my planner exactly the way I want so this is very handy being able to design and print out the pages / calendar exactly the way I would like them,  then punch them with the disc binding holes. Being able to add and remove pages this easily is also great for keeping everything nice and clean. As soon as a page is outdated or not needed anymore it can just be taken out and replaced with nice fresh sheets.

Disc Binder Arc Punch

The front pockets of the ARC planner are perfect for storing a few business cards or tucking in a few receipts. Below are a few photos of how I have mine set up, with sticky page flags at the front, my to-do list for the day right on the first page and each section divided using the plastic dividers, into Calendar, Blog, Ideas, Shopping and Important. This might change at a later date but it seems to be working for me so far. There is also a handy pen holder at the side which is very useful. The ATOMA binder didn’t have one of these so I improvised by using one of the Zip pockets at the front to keep a couple of pens close by.

Disc Binder - Arc Planner and Atoma (5 of 10)

Disc Binder - Arc Planner and Atoma (6 of 10)

Disc Binder - Arc Planner and Atoma (7 of 10)

At the back of the book I keep a couple of the clear plastic sleeves, useful for putting any handout sheets or things I don’t necessarily want to punch holes into.

Disc Binder - Arc Planner and Atoma (8 of 10)

Here is also a short youtube video by Staples Arc Notebook System which gives a great overview of how it works 🙂

Handmade Sewn Cards

Handmade Sewn Cards

lots of fun with paper and a sewing machine

I love sewing on paper, it is always so agreeable, unlike some materials that bunch up and can be rather difficult! If you’re feeling like a fun project to try give it a go 🙂 Oh and be careful to open out the card before you sew.. I was doing this late last night and in my half asleep state, after sewing the first few cards, I forgot all about opening the card out and sewed the whole thing together ahaha.. after that I decided it was time for bed!

Tips for sewing cards:

  • Glue paper down first so it doesn’t slip all over the place while you’re sewing
  • Use a fine needle so the puncture holes aren’t too big
  • Keep a long stitch so it doesn’t rip the paper
  • Tie a not with the two end pieces of cotton to stop the sewing coming undone

Happy creating fellow craftsters! <3

Typographical Verse Cards

I am loving making these cards!! Today I had one of those crafty days.. my office looks like a bomb has hit it, sewing machine set up next to my computer.. cottons and what not everywhere.. but it was totally worth it.

Below are some snaps of this afternoons creations 🙂_MG_9450

Numbers 6.24 is one of my favourite verses, I always seem to write it in cards.. maybe I picked it up from my great granny because it’s something that she always used to do too 🙂 The background photos are scenery and flowers that I took over in bali. The funny thing is I lugged my big dslr camera and lenses over there and the majority of photos I ended up taking on my mobile hehe. If only camera gear wasn’t sooo heavy… it would be fun to go on a dedicated ‘photography holiday’ because trying to do touristy things and carry a camera around just doesn’t work. Oh well, I still like the photos I ended up with. All the tropical plants are so beautiful!_MG_9459