Stretch Fabric – from Design to Yoga Pants

I’ve been working on something a little different lately.. Spandex! ♥

Sewing MachinesEarlier this year I started going to yoga, mainly because the physio told me I really needed to exercise and I’m extremely inflexible. I must say stretching is soooo good. The amount of headaches I get have reduced drastically and I feel nowhere near as sore and tight as I used to! After shopping for more ‘sporty’ kind of clothes I decided to design my own fabric for some yoga pants – so I could have some exactly the way I want them. Floral and bright colours of course! 😉

Below is the original design that I created as a seamless repeat ready for print and also a mockup of the leggings in photoshop.

Floral Paint Fabric DesignOnce I had the printed fabric in my hot little hands I traced a sewing pattern from a pair of leggings I had. After sewing a trial pair for myself I tweaked the pattern a little and made another pair for my sister. She is nearly the same size as me so it made it pretty easy. I am hoping she will agree to a photoshoot so I can get some nice photos to show you all 😉

As we all know with leggings, we do everything to avoid the dreaded uh hmmm, camel toe.. so I decided to sew in a diamond crotch which was a little bit challenging! I ended up basting on the sewing machine first so I didn’t wreck it on the overlocker. It actually turned out okay but definitely something I would like to practice some more!

For a neat finish I hemmed them with my new toy – the Janome CoverPro.. I have only used it a few times but I am already in love with it! Makes hemming stretch fabric look so much more professional.

And here is the finished product.. ♥

Floral Spandex Yoga Pants

Zippered Coin Purses – Summer Designs

Below are the original fabric patterns designed using Adobe Illustrator and the Artlandia SymmetryWorks plugin. The designs were then  printed on linen canvas to be turned into these cute summer purses!

Coin Purse turtles

Turtle Fabric DesignTurtle Zippered Coin Purse – Aqua

Turtle Fabric DesignTurtle Zippered Coin Purse – Pink

Coin Purse tropical collection

Pineapple Fabric DesignPineapple Zippered CoiPurse – Pink on Aqua

Pineapple Fabric DesignPineapple Zippered Coin Purse – Yellow on Yellow

Pineapple Fabric Design Pineapple Zippered Coin Purse – Yellow on Aqua

Tropical Coin Purses

Tropical Fabric DesignTropical Flowers Zippered Coin Purse – Red on Blue

Tropical Fabric DesignTropical Flowers Zippered Coin Purse – Orange on Green

Dr Who Fabric Design with Spoonflower

Have you ever had a project and just couldn’t find the right fabric? Well, Spoonflower is your answer! You can create that one-off fabric you need… as unique and quirky as it may be 🙂

Spoonflower makes it possible for you to create your own custom fabric, wallpaper, decals and even gift wrap. I love that they have no minimum order, you can get as little (or as much) printed as you want. Over the last couple of years I’ve placed quite a few orders with them trying out the different fabrics, there is such a wide range to choose from including cotton, canvas, jersey and poplin just to name a few. They also have a little swatch book available with their range, which comes in handy when selecting the fabrics.

They have loads of tutorials on their blog if you want to give it a go. I use Illustrator to design with and then upload the files as a tiff, but you don’t have to use Illustrator or Photoshop – you can just as easily create a cute design from a drawing like they demonstrate in this tutorial.

The designs below I recently got printed on the Kona Cotton, which is 100% cotton and a good quilting weight fabric. I’ve made these designs into headscarves for all the Dr Who lovers! This fabric is also available from my Spoonflower shop for anyone wanting to make a funky pair of Tardis PJ’s or some other fan memorabilia 😉

Tardis Fabric

Tardis Fabric

Pink and Black Cross Fabric

Pink and Black Cross Fabric

PomPom Flower Print Dress

pompomflowersThis is a design inspired by the ‘pompom’ flowers and also the lantern bush we had growing in the garden when I was younger. I had my PomPom flower design printed onto some knit fabric, and it has just been sitting there for the last week or so begging me to sew it into a pretty dress!  I based this dress from an old shift dress that my mum had handed down to me (which I LOVE) with a few slight variations –  some cuffs around the arms, neck and a matching belt. They are so simple, yet comfortable and easy to wear, especially with stretch fabric. Just like an oversized t-shirt.  After tracing the basic dress shape onto some baking paper for a quick pattern and adding seam allowance I had JUST enough fabric to make this 🙂

pompom flower dress-3

pompom flower dress-2

Retro 60s Patterns

I LOVE that some of the old styles are coming back into fashion! I was so excited when I saw the new pattern books in Spotlight for autumn/winter and they included some very cute 1960’s dresses <3

So if you haven’t seen them already I have taken some sneaky photos. Sorry for the not so great quality, I took them on my iphone, but you get the idea 😉

pattern 1609

pattern 3833

There is also a really cute Vintage 1940’s top in the simplicity book which I would love to try at some stage. I really like high necklines and the lovely gathers.

pattern 1692

If anyone has tried these patterns I would love to hear what you thought of them! I’ve only made a simplicity pattern once before and I found the sizing to be a little strange, like they are made for barbie dolls with really small waists… and I thought I was skinny!

Nippori Fabric Town

Nippori Fabric Town was on the must do list while in Tokyo. I can spend hours just walking around Spotlight so to have a whole street dedicated to fabric shops!!!! Heaven!

We caught the JR Yamanote from Shinagawa station stopping off at Asakasabashi along the way. All I can say is WOW! I have never seen anything like it, so many electronic shops in one place. It wasn’t really part of the plan but I couldn’t believe it when I got to Japan only to discover the power adaptor I brought with me didn’t work. After trying a few shops close to the hotel without much luck we were directed to the electronic mecca of Japan. So now I have happily got power to charge all the necessities.

So after our little detour we made it to Fabric Town. I had heard about the huge fabric shop ‘Tomato’ so I was expecting it to be quite big, and boy oh boy was it huge! It is split into three shops.. and not just one story. There were bolts and bolts of material, the hardest part is choosing what to get and knowing that I had a very limited amount of space in my suitcase.

Nippori Fabric Town

Nippori Fabric Town - Tomato

Nippori Fabric Town - Tomato  Nippori Fabric Town - Tomato

My favourite shop was ‘Tsukiyasu Hiroshi Shouten’ I found some lovely traditional Japanese fabric and they also had lots of ‘cute’ fabric that I had to restrain myself from buying. As we got to the end of fabric town I was regretting that I didn’t know the name of the shop, I thought It would be nice to mention in my blog incase anyone else out there is planning a trip to Tokyo and is searching for some pretty fabric. I scoured the shops on the other side of the road as we walked back to the train station seeing if I could spot it but it didn’t really have a memorable front so it didn’t stick out. I checked my receipt to see if it had some clue written on it, but my extent of Japanese isn’t that great, especially written in Kanji. I like to say the only couple of words to everyone I meet ‘hello (konnichiwa) and thank you (Arigato)’, which works well when shopping unless someone says anything else haha. In the end I found the name on a map she had given me and the store was circled! Lucky! 😀

Nippori Fabric Town

Nippori Fabric Town

Nippori is a lovely place to go for a walk and very leisurely. I guess it depends if you like that kind of thing, but most of the businesses were little family shops and very pleasant to walk around and browse. The whole place seemed a lot more laid back than other parts of Tokyo. They fabrics vary in price a lot from shop to shop so I would recommend having a look around before purchasing but there were lots of good bargains and most very reasonably priced!

Nippori Fabric Town Map

Nippori Fabric Town Shop List

Ruffled Market Apron

Been wanting to make a little apron to wear at the next markets with some Lily Ashbury fabric I recently purchased and I have finally had a day free to give it a go! Whatever I made it had to include pockets and ruffles! Ruffles just make everything so girly and sweet, I love them.


I was browsing online for some inspiration and came across ‘thecreativeimperative’  with a tutorial for gorgeous ruffled utility aprons. I modified the design a little, ok, actually quite a bit….. made the length a little shorter, added a zip to the pocket, put a ruffle around the edge and voila!

Market Apron