Free Scrapbook Paper!

A free set of scrapbook papers for you to use! Mint, Yellow and Peach. Click on the pictures below and the download will automatically begin.
Mint Scrapbook Paper-13 Patel Yellow Scrapbook Paper-13 Peach Scrapbook Paper-13

Adult Colouring – Australian Wildflower Printable Cards

My latest project has been this set of printable wildflower cards. I am such a practical person I thought I’d make these drawings into cards instead of colouring sheets, that way all that prettiness doesn’t get left unseen, you can gift your beautiful colouring to a friend and brighten up their day.

Australian Wildflower CardsFeaturing: Western Australian Wattle, Geraldton Wax, Thysanotus Frilly Knickers, Sturt’s Desert Pea, Red Gum Blossoms and the Egg and Bagon Flower.

Australian Wildflower CardsAvailable to purchase with instant download here

Australian Wildflower CardsAustralian Wildflower Cards

FREE 2016 A4 Printable Calendar

I have decided to do a FREE version of the 2016 Calendar for you all to enjoy! This calendar is setup as a pdf for printing on A4 pages – one page for each month of the year. Ideal for printing out and having on the fridge for all those important events, or popping in a binder to make your own customisable planner.

2016 Printable Calendar

Download your FREE 2016 Calendar Here

I also have an a5 planner set available to purchase for just $5.99 – this includes a whole set of planner printouts to keep your life organised. Perfect to print out for your Disc binder system! If you would like to read more about what is included you can check it out here.

A5 Planner Perpetual & 2016

2016 A5 Planners are now available! I’ve had quite a few people asking me for an updated calendar so I’ve put together this version for the new year which also includes a perpetual calendar. That way you can write your own dates for each month and use it for many more years to come. There is a daily planner to keep you organised, year at a glance, weekly view and much more. For a more detailed description check out the link below 🙂

A5 Planner 2016

Available to purchase for instant download

Printable Planner 2016 shopping-listl Perpetual-and-dated Daily-Weekly-Yearly

Stretch Fabric – from Design to Yoga Pants

I’ve been working on something a little different lately.. Spandex! ♥

Sewing MachinesEarlier this year I started going to yoga, mainly because the physio told me I really needed to exercise and I’m extremely inflexible. I must say stretching is soooo good. The amount of headaches I get have reduced drastically and I feel nowhere near as sore and tight as I used to! After shopping for more ‘sporty’ kind of clothes I decided to design my own fabric for some yoga pants – so I could have some exactly the way I want them. Floral and bright colours of course! 😉

Below is the original design that I created as a seamless repeat ready for print and also a mockup of the leggings in photoshop.

Floral Paint Fabric DesignOnce I had the printed fabric in my hot little hands I traced a sewing pattern from a pair of leggings I had. After sewing a trial pair for myself I tweaked the pattern a little and made another pair for my sister. She is nearly the same size as me so it made it pretty easy. I am hoping she will agree to a photoshoot so I can get some nice photos to show you all 😉

As we all know with leggings, we do everything to avoid the dreaded uh hmmm, camel toe.. so I decided to sew in a diamond crotch which was a little bit challenging! I ended up basting on the sewing machine first so I didn’t wreck it on the overlocker. It actually turned out okay but definitely something I would like to practice some more!

For a neat finish I hemmed them with my new toy – the Janome CoverPro.. I have only used it a few times but I am already in love with it! Makes hemming stretch fabric look so much more professional.

And here is the finished product.. ♥

Floral Spandex Yoga Pants

Colour Swatches and Pretty Palettes

I love colour! I don’t know why but it always seems more fun playing around with actual printed colour swatches and choosing colour combos rather than picking them on the computer. Recently I raided Bunnings paint section for a whole heap of swatch books and colour samples and chopped them all up on the trusty guillotine. Also a fun idea to do for your personal colours! I’ve never actually had my personal colours done but according to my self diagnosis I’m pretty sure I’m a ‘Light Summer’ – so I’ve cut out all my corresponding colours to have them handy when choosing clothes 😉

Colour Swatches

Colour Swatches

Colour Swatches

Teacup Garden at the Bunbury Art Gallery

Had a lovely leisurely Saturday in Bunbury – fabric shopping, a nice relaxing lunch by the waterfront and then to the Bunbury Art Gallery to make these cute little teacup planters! A very big thank you to Michelle for sharing her creative talents with us, this is such a fun idea! I will now be raiding the op shops for old teacups now so I can decorate the garden at home 🙂 You can find the instructions to make them here on the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery Blog.

teacup garden

teacup garden

teacup garden

Zippered Coin Purses – Summer Designs

Below are the original fabric patterns designed using Adobe Illustrator and the Artlandia SymmetryWorks plugin. The designs were then  printed on linen canvas to be turned into these cute summer purses!

Coin Purse turtles

Turtle Fabric DesignTurtle Zippered Coin Purse – Aqua

Turtle Fabric DesignTurtle Zippered Coin Purse – Pink

Coin Purse tropical collection

Pineapple Fabric DesignPineapple Zippered CoiPurse – Pink on Aqua

Pineapple Fabric DesignPineapple Zippered Coin Purse – Yellow on Yellow

Pineapple Fabric Design Pineapple Zippered Coin Purse – Yellow on Aqua

Tropical Coin Purses

Tropical Fabric DesignTropical Flowers Zippered Coin Purse – Red on Blue

Tropical Fabric DesignTropical Flowers Zippered Coin Purse – Orange on Green

Re.Discover Bunbury

Just wanted to share a few photos taken at Re.Discover Bunbury which was held on the weekend (17th January 2015). Re.Discover is a walking street art exhibition in the Bunbury CBD showcasing some very talented West Australian Artists. The walking tour was broken into a couple of groups and guided to each piece of street art where the artist spoke about their work and techniques used. It was such a huge crowd I couldn’t really hear much of what was being said but it was so good to see all the different styles and unique pieces from each artist. Love their work! ♥

Rediscover (8 of 9)

Rediscover (9 of 9)

Rediscover (7 of 9)

Rediscover (6 of 9)

Rediscover (5 of 9)

Rediscover (4 of 9)

Rediscover (3 of 9)

Rediscover (2 of 9)

Rediscover (1 of 9)

Pineapples and Moodboards

So I created my first mood board today, who would have thought they would help so much! I think I should start doing this for all my projects! It just really defines the style and gives guidelines to work with – so I keep on track. I can’t get enough of pineapples at the moment, so I created this moodboard as a guide to work off when creating a summer pineapple pattern.

Pineapple Mood Board

I set to work and began to draw some rough pineapple sketches while having the moodboard in front of me for reference. Here is the completed pattern keeping within the same style. And for anyone who would like a nice summery new wallpaper for their computer there is a muted version available to download from the link below 🙂 xoxo


Pineapple Repeat Pattern